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Product quality, efficacy and attractive packaging are part of a successful private label collection. Our extensive variety of in stock packaging allows us to offer client-centered packaging selections specific to your needs while observing the latest market trends and demands. Our personalized approach allows you to choose the right look for your brand, mix and match styles, or if you have your own packaging already you can purchase our exquisite formulas and we’ll custom fill for you. All our products are sold fully labeled and ready to sell.

Once you’ve chosen your packaging and finalized your artwork, customize further by selecting from a list of upgrades that make your products even more exclusive. Features such as bilingual labels, color coding by skin type or product category, custom names and descriptions enable direct tie-ins with your signature treatments and services. We offer a variety of standard label stocks (clear, metallic, white) which further customize the finished presentation.

All products come with full ingredient listings, usage instructions and product descriptions (depending on size of label). Most clients choose one of our seven packaging options for their retail collection. However you can mix and match between styles and create a unique look.